The Products

With a fully artisanal production we offer you the highest quality in terms of processing, materials and security.

Unlike the most common industrial products, our security doors have a steel tubular/sheet structure with high thickness:
the 80% and 90% of the weight of the door, for the maximum strength and security.


Gresia Porte offers a full service to the customers

A wide range of materials, door-type, fittings and arrangements, Gresia Porte produced and installed for over 30 years the security doors that make your home safe.

porte blindate

Our staff is at your service, please fill out the request form and we will reply as soon as possible.

progettazione porte blindate


We spent more than thirty years projecting, producing and installing premium security door

Our security doors rise from the ground experience of Andrea Gresia in order to bridge the gap between the industrial and artisanal production that grown over the years.

Looking very carefully to the design and the customisation of the details, we base our doors on security.